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A Fic Writing Challenge Community

10 Tarots
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10 Tarots Fic Writing Challenge
Welcome to 10_tarots, a low-pressure writing community centered on writing about tarots. In this community, you are given a deck of tarots to choose from, to write about, and to explore the mind's eye.

In this community, 10 cards from the Main Arcana are used as prompts for the stories. The prompts may be interpreted figuratively or literally. Since the community is a writing community, all entries must be in the form of fanfiction. Fanarts, fanvids and the like are NOT allowed in this community.


Please read the following if you are interested in using the prompts for your stories.

1.JOIN the community in order to post. Watching is allowed, though not compulsory.

2. One person is allowed to claim ONE pairing/threesome or TWO characters (can be of the same fandom or not). in order to do so, go to the CLAIMS page and comment. Please wait until your is replied to before you start writing and posting.

3. Once your claim has been approved, you can start writing! Please use the following format when posting your stories:

Story Title
(P, PG, T, M)
(If applicable)

4. All fics must be put under an  LJ-CUT. You can also link your stories using a fake LJ cut.

5. Tag your stories with your username. I will be the one to add your name to the tags list.

6. You are only allowed to write a story per prompt.

7. Since the community is a low-pressure one, there is no time limit. Yet, if you feel that you wouldn't be able to write anymore (or you are craving for another pairing) you can drop your claim HERE.

8. Once you have completed the deck, comment HERE.

9. For questions, please comment on the Q & A Thread.


Written below is the prompt table, consisting of 10 tarot cards from the Main Arcana.

10_tarots  Prompts
1. The Magician/The Juggler.
2. The Priestess/The Popess.
3. The Emperor/The Empress.
4. The Lovers.
5. The Hierophant/The Pope.
6. The Hanged Man/The Traitor.
7. The Hermit.
8. The Devil.
9. The Tower/Fire.
10. The Fool.

Here are other prompts. These additional prompts can be used as replacement to the prompts above:
11. Judgment/The Angel
12. Justice
13. Wheel of Fortune 1
4. The Star
15. The Moon

You can copy the text below and paste it in your journal for your own prompt table:


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10_tarots is a community made by matsukanishi09 due to her devotion to themed writing and obsession to tarot cards. If you ever need to contact her, just give her a message or email at arashi_kgt@yahoo.com.ph.

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